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Actionable Insights + Capital-efficiency

Corporate insiders lack time to innovate

  • • Quarterly P&L pressure.
  • • Day-to-day operations.
  • • Process compliance.
  • • Political battles.
  • • Cultural resistance.
  • • Risk Aversion.
Corporate Failures

Innovation + Distribution Strategy = Customer Acquisition

How can your global distribution strategy leverage platforms like |

Gen Z Growth Strategies

Large companies work with university students to focus on growth strategies for products/services targeted at Gen Z using the i2 Ventures 5-step Insider Innovation Process. Gen Z are loosely identified as people born between 1998 and 2008. They are emerging to be the most intellectually, digitally and financially empowered generation in history.

The first 4 steps of the process are performed pro bono by student consultants and i2 Ventures. The 5th step in the process requires an investment from the company between $20K to $100K+ to conduct a growth strategy experiment whose intellectual property is owned by the company. These funds are divided in a 60-20-20 split for student consultant fees, project expenses, and i2 Ventures fees.

Companies gain innovative insights towards solving complex growth strategy challenges by tapping into the expertise of student consultants who understand the Gen Z demographic very well, under the supervision of seasoned corporate executives who follow the i2 Ventures Process.

Global Business Development

Any innovation is only successful if customers are willing to pay for it. Even early adopters, don’t like taking chances on new products unless they have affinity for the brand. If your innovation is targeting your existing customer base with a new product, the trust building process is different from when your innovation is targeting new or adjacent customers or markets where your brand may not be as established. Prospects always want to know the answer to 5 questions:

  1. What is different about your product?
  2. Who else uses your product?
  3. Will my quality of life be that much better if I use your product?
  4. How much does it cost?
  5. Do I really have to make a decision soon or should I wait?

i2 Ventures leverages a vast global network of major brands in 100s of markets to provide traction for large companies that do not have a presence in those markets, nor have the deep market knowledge to succeed in them. The B2B and B2B2C partnerships that i2 Ventures facilitates yield capital-efficient traction for innovative products, while mitigating all the legal, financial and administrative risks of going it alone.

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