10 Case Studies from 100+ Experiments.

A Japanese Conglomerate wanted to learn about the IoT needs of US Commercial Building Owners.


Operating systems

1,000 corporate customers wanted innovative commercial banking solutions.

Long-term value creation via block-chain

Exceed the industry average for the patient satisfaction rate.

Social engagement with family & friends.

A Family Office wanted to test viability of e-commerce aggregator models.

Mobile Responsive Web Apps

140+ million subscribers wanted faster and cheaper connectivity.

Small-cell networks using attractive street furniture.

The US Government wanted to make export/import data more easily available to businesses

Mobile Responsive Web Apps

A private HNW researcher wanted to test referral incentive models in mobile gaming.

Operating Systems

Global distribution improving reach to 2+ Billion consumers.

Global Infrastructure + Local Partnerships.

A mid-market company wanted to explore the potential of open source software.

Mobile Responsive Web Apps

Value-added services for 100+ Million customers.

Aggregator business model.

Smart cities security, storage and analytics services.

Recurring revenue business model.